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Name: Sveriges Bilåtervinnares Riksförbund
Name- English:
Swedish Car Recyclers Association
Year founded:
Chairman: Carina Hagström/Kihlberg
Managing Director: Andreas Frössberg


Karlavägen 14 A
S- 114 31 Stockholm
Tel.: (+46) 08-55 768 2000




Trade Information

Car dismantling is one of the oldest methods of recycling in Sweden. There are companies that have been dismantling cars since 1920 and are still in the trade. The word “recycle” did not yet exist but 1920´s car dismantling was all about recycling spare parts and components.


Up until the beginning of the 1970´s, when shredding plants came into use, all metal and component separation was done by hand before the empty chassis were sold as scrap sheet metal.


As labour costs and the amount of new components that could not be recycled increased, the shredding technique held costs down and kept rest product management at a minimum for car recyclers.


The companies doing most of the business are small firms that have 3- 20 employees and dismantle 400- 2000 cars a year.


Shredder companies in Sweden are Stena Recycling AB, Skrotfrag AB, Kuusakoski AB

About 100 car builders buy newer, damaged cars from insurance companies and then disassemble them and reuse the spare parts. They are located all over the country and have since the beginning of the 1970s built up a national network to search for and acquire used spare parts.


The number of cars redeemed by insurance companies for dismantling are approximately 10- 15% of all the cars dismantled annually in Sweden. The total number of redeemed cars from insurance companies is not documented.


Spare parts are function tested and go through a quality evaluation before they are registered in a database and stored. Businesses have made major investments in workshop and computer equipment, warehouses, personal space as well training and education for employees.


The Swedish Car Recyclers Association, SBR, started in 1961 and is a federation of companies in the car dismantling trade. The association´s purpose is to promote beneficial development in the car dismantling trade in Sweden and achieve optimal recycling of raw material and spare parts from cars. In order to further develop the trade SBR became members of ARA (Automotive Recyclers Association), Fairfax, U.S.A. in 1977, an association with business members on four different continents.


In addition, SBR is member of EGARA (European Group of Automotive Recycling Associations) , monitors developments in the European recycling market and strives to promote the car dismantling trade´s interest in Europe.


SBR co-operates with the automobile industry, the motor trade, insurance companies and the recycling industry in various projects in order to increase recycling levels in cars and the market potential of different rest products. SBR also arranges courses and advanced education for member companies´ personnel.




In order for a scrap car to be approved for shredding the following components must be dismantled before delivery.



1. Fuel Fuel tanks must be open if they are visible from underneath. The hole must be at least 100 x 100 mm. Fuel tanks that are not visible must be dismantled. Gas tanks must be dismantled.
2. Anti-freeze must be drained off.
3. Oils All oils must be drained off. Engine, transmission, rear axle, steering system, brake oil and the other support systems.
4. Oil filters must be dismantled.
5. Batteries must be dismantled.
6. Air Conditioning CFC must be drained off.
7. Air bag – belt stretcher must be deactivated or dismantled.
8. Catalysts must be dismantled.
9. Balance weights on tire rims must be dismantled.
10. Tires must be dismantled.
11. Mercury circuit- breakers must be dismantled.
12. Radioactive material must be removed.