Information om EGARA


Den europeiska ekonomiska intressegruppen EGARA, European Group of Automotive Recycling Associations, bildades i november 1991 och är den samordnande organisationen för bildemonteringsbranschen i Europa.


Organisationen har som sitt syfte att befrämja den europeiska bildemonteringsbranschens intresse för att:

– underlätta eller utveckla medlemmarnas ekonomiska verksamhet.
– stimulera användningen av miljövänliga arbetsmetoder bland medlemmarna och befrämja återanvändning av produkter och material.


För mer detaljerad information har ni här en länk till EGARA:s hemsida.


What have EGARA really acheved?


The editor of this magazine has asked me to give a short review of my 10 years as secretary and some ideas on how I see the future of EGARA, and this is what I will do in my last article in Nordisk Bilåtervinning as secretary of EGARA.


EGARA has always been a ”low cost operation”. We try to fight our case with limited resources, and when I compare with the resources used by similar European umbrella associations, my feeling is: We have achieved quite a lot – despite our limited resources!


~ We now have 17 national associations as members – and more are on their way.
~ We are fairly well-known in the Automotive sector and have extremely good relations – in Europe and world-wide – and our voice is heard and respected.
~ We are known and recognized as the serious and professional dismantlers/Automotive Recyclers.
~ We have clearly had an impact of the directive and its national implementations.
~ We have successfully been able to defend and develop the interests of our members.


Some people have told me that this is very much thanks to my work and my ideas – but this is not the truth! It is the result of a common effort where all of you have been very helpful in the past. Without your continuous support and inspiration and without the very constructive, collaborative and intelligent dialogue I have always had with the chairmen and Executive Committee of EGARA, it would never have been possible to achieve what we have achieved.



The future of EGARA is not depending on one person, but the future of Automotive Recycling in Europe is very much depending of a strong EGARA. There is still a lot to be done – and more will come – but if we work together on it, we will succeed in the interests of Automotive Recyclers in Europe – and remember: We are the only ones to defend and develop these interests.


But to do this successfully we simply must work together – in EGARA!


Lennart Scharff [ JAN 2007 ]
Former EGARA-secretary


Chairman: Paul Fox, MVDA, UK

Executive Committee: Dorothée Giffard, CNPA, France, Walter Frauenknecht, VASSO, Switzerland, Tiit Plaks, NGO ELV, Estonia

Treasurer: Marc van den Brand, STIBA, Netherlands